There’s really no better way to protect your vacation investment than by purchasing travel insurance. You wouldn’t purchase a $20,000 car without purchasing insurance would you? We wouldn’t either. Similarly, with something as valuable and important as your wedding travel, peace of mind is essential.

With travel insurance, many unforeseen circumstances (like cancellations, flight delays, lost luggage or passports, medical emergencies and any other unexpected incident) are accounted for – which means that if something arises, you incur no additional deductibles.

Travel insurance varies by age and total trip cost, but the benefits remain the same. There are also options to purchase “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance–a relief in case something does come up. For example: If you’re driving to the airport, break down, and miss your flight. You didn’t buy travel insurance, so you are not guaranteed a reimbursement of any money from your trip.


With “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance, you are promised a full refund of the money you spent on your getaway. It’s that simple! Remember, without the purchase of travel insurance, you could lose up to the full cost of your trip!

If you would like full details about how investing in insurance can potentially save you money, contact LoveShack Vacations. We’d be happy to tell you all of the benefits insurance can offer you.


Take an active role in the planning process

Listen to your fiancée’s suggestions and ideas and offer your own opinions. An “I don’t care” attitude will make your bride think you don’t consider these decisions and your wedding day/honeymoon as important. This is especially key with your bridal/honeymoon registry. Sure, you might not care about plates and the latest kitchen appliances, but try to be as helpful as possible. Not giving any input places all the stress of decision-making on her shoulders for the big and small choices.

Keep your budget in mind

Understand that weddings and honeymoons are expensive. Keep your budget in mind in all the decisions you make. Vendors might be willing to work around your budgeted amount to still get you what you want. But be prepared to scale back on things that you may not be able to afford.


Focus on your “MUST-HAVES” & don't be afraid to spend on them!

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Think about the things at your wedding or honeymoon that you absolutely can’t do without. Is it the venue or destination? An amazing DJ that knows your music tastes perfectly? Maybe it’s having a bar that keeps your guests full of free drinks all night? Whatever tops your list, be willing to open your wallet a little wider for these expenses. If it’s that important to you, you won’t regret it later.

Know when to take the lead

Typically the groom will be responsible for certain tasks before and on the wedding day. Understand what you are expected to do and take control of making sure these very important things get done. You can’t be a million different places at once, so feel free to delegate certain duties. Your Best Man and Groomsmen are there to help you out, so use them to make sure nothing is forgotten. Here are a few of the jobs that the groom traditionally handles:

  • Making a list of guests on your side that you would like to invite
  • Choosing the Best Man and Groomsmen
  • Coordinating formalwear for the Groomsmen
  • Planning the honeymoon–this is becoming a task for the couple to plan together though! Contact LoveShack Vacations to easily check this off your “to-do” list.
  • Thanking everyone–especially the bride’s mother and father!
  • Tipping the vendors
  • Writing a toast or “thank you” speech
  • Planning accommodations for the night of your wedding



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Make it fun!

Without a doubt, planning a wedding and honeymoon will be stressful. With so much focus on one big day, you’re bound to get into disagreements and want to rip your hair out at some point. If the pressure is getting to be too much, take a day or two off to relax and recoop with no wedding planning talk. Things will get hectic and you’ll second guess decisions, but as long as you remember that this is supposed to be enjoyable, you’ll get through it. Don’t jump at every chance to argue. Make it fun. Laugh. And realize not everything is going to be perfect.


LoveShack Vacations offers you more than a do-it-yourself travel website

Resist booking online! Today many brides and grooms are booking their own honeymoons (and even destination weddings) online. They spend hours doing research and usually end up frustrated by all of the confusing options available. Your special romantic trip is a major investment. Don’t trust a booking website to give you exceptional quality, service or personal attention. And if the amazing travel deal you find online is legitimate, a travel expert might be able to match that price booking with a reputable travel company. Be secure in your investment and discover why using LoveShack Vacations will ensure you have the most memorable and romantic trip possible.


Value - Sure, you can do comparison-shopping online to find the lowest price for your trip, but that’s not going to help you avoid long layovers, unforeseen fees, and other travel inconveniences. What you need is the most value for your vacation dollar. We provide that, hands-down. We’re also up to the minute on special offers, promotions and discounts that online sites can’t provide.

Expert Guidance - LoveShack Agents have traveled to all of the popular romance destinations and even stayed at the resorts they recommend, so we’ll be able to share personal firsthand experiences that an anonymous, online review can’t provide. You can read the fine print on your itinerary, but do you really understand what it means? We inform you of everything you need to know before you pack your bags, including national travel advisories/customs rules and regulations.

Personalized Service - We understand that no two couples are alike and will work with your personal preferences to make sure your honeymoon, destination wedding or couple’s getaway is perfectly tailored to your needs. We get to know you – and then create the perfect getaway that fits your dreams. Plus, if you need to contact us about any aspect of your travel, we’re just a quick phone call, email, or short visit away.

Time Savings - Everything looks great online. But it’s not always what it seems – a hotel photo may look beautiful…but was it taken ten years ago? Eliminate the honeymoon information overload of searching and comparing prices online by allowing us to do the research, answer all your travel questions, and help you determine which resort, cruise or tour is best for you. We’ll consider all the details of your romantic getaway, so you can spend time enjoying.

Trust – When it comes to your investment, you should insist on the best person for the job – an expert in the field. Our Romance Travel Specialists are certified by multiple destinations and resorts. We will be available all throughout the planning stages of your romantic getaway and also be ready to provide assistance via phone or email should you need it while you’re enjoying your vacation.


If you’re like many modern couples, the notion of registries may be obsolete. Sure, pots and pans are essential, but you may already have these items (especially if you’ve lived on your own for a while). Did you know the latest trend in bridal registries is to register your honeymoon, or at least a portion of it? At LoveShack Vacations, we’ve noticed that couples really want to get the most out of their getaway, whatever their budget may be. And even though times are a little tough financially, the one portion of your wedding experience you don’t want to miss out on is your honeymoon.


A honeymoon registry can help you and your fiancé have the honeymoon that you may have thought was beyond your reach. The first few days of your married life are meant to be celebrated in any manner you wish…and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything to create the experiences you want to remember for the rest of your life. Your honeymoon registry can be customized to include exotic excursions, romantic extras or special upgrades!

The basic concept of a registry is simple: A couple registers for specific items they would like to have. Word spreads to family, friends and guests who will purchase items that you want from this list, and give their gift to you for your event. Registries are great for any couple, and are versatile enough for any budget. Because you create the list of what you want, you have complete control over what you ask for – and guests have a one stop location without worrying about whether their gift is something you’ll like or even ever use.

A honeymoon registry is based on the exact same concept, except that you ask for different parts of your travel! Upgrades, costs of flights, rooms and excursions, spa credits or room service are all some of the items for which you can register. These costs can be further broken down into increments of $25.00, so guests can choose the amount they wish to contribute, or contribute to multiple items while still staying within their gifting budget.

Registry set-up is simple. When you decide on your travel details and make your initial deposit you can set up an online honeymoon registry list – this is free and takes less than an hour, depending on how elaborate you want the site to look/be. You may also have your LoveShack Travel Agent do this, if you wish. The site will handle all the details and when someone makes a purchase towards your getaway, an automatic email will be sent to your travel agent. You have the option of withdrawing the money from the site early or wait until just before your travel.

LoveShack Vacations’ honeymoon registry is free, easy and a great way to get the little perks and extras you’ve always dreamed about – and your guests will love that they are personally contributing to your honeymoon memories.