Is This Essential Item Missing From Your Next Vacation?

By Melissa Rice on June 18, 2018

“We don’t need the insurance. We are going on this vacation no matter what.” 

Travel agents often hear this from our clients. In a world of extended warranties, protection plans, and other hidden costs, the hesitation to add what seems like an unnecessary trip expense is understandable. 

As professional travel advisors, we work hard to ensure every trip we plan is as close to perfect as possible. Not every snag can be anticipated, however, and the team at LoveShack Vacations has assisted travelers facing a variety of unexpected circumstances: Personal illness or injury, a death in the family, job loss, weather delays, mechanical issues, even cancelled wedding plans. Insurance can offer protection and peace of mind in these stressful situations. 

Here are four reasons why you should consider an insurance policy for your next travel adventure: 

#1 – Trip Cancellation 

It is very disappointing when circumstances change and you’re forced to cancel a trip, but it’s even worse when you lose money in the process! Many travel companies are becoming less lenient when it comes to waiving fees and penalties. Don’t presume that they will understand your situation. Insurance plans can help to reimburse nonrefundable prepaid costs—think airfare, cruise costs, resort reservations, tours—that would otherwise be forfeited.   


#2 – Trip Interruption 

Some of the same circumstances that can cause you to cancel your vacation may also make it necessary to cut your trip short. Many insurance plans will offset change fees and refund unused travel plans if you must return home early due to an emergency.


#3 – Illness or Injury While Traveling 

Travel insurance is invaluable when dealing with health or medical problems in a foreign country.

This is one of the most important reasons to purchase travel insurance! If you need medical care while traveling in another country, your US health insurance plan may not provide coverage. Medicare is especially limited outside the US, and other insurers often cover much less than they would back home. It’s not unusual for foreign hospitals to require substantial upfront payment before you can be treated or released. If emergency evacuation is required, the costs can be staggering.  

How does travel insurance help? Plans are available that include coverage for medical or dental treatment, emergency transportation, and evacuation costs. Beyond financial assistance, consider the stress of trying to find adequate care in a foreign country where you may not even speak the local language. Travel protection plans usually include access to a 24/7 support provider to help locate a reputable doctor or hospital, maintain contact with your primary medical providers and family, facilitate language translation, and provide claims assistance.

#4 – Other Travel Issues 

Insurance can also help with a variety of other unpleasant situations during trips: extensive travel delays or cancellations, lost luggage, a missing passport, hurricanes, theft of personal property, and more. Once again, the insurance company’s 24/7 support system can be a priceless resource during these types of difficulties!   

 Although our LoveShack agents work hard to help our clients if they face travel challenges, having an insurance plan increases their resources and financial protection. While we hope you never encounter any bumps along the way, we are happy to provide a travel protection quote to safeguard your well-earned trip. 

Note that every travel protection plan is different, so it’s important to thoroughly review the coverage provisions before purchasing your policy.  


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