The Do’s and Don’ts of Attending a Destination Wedding

By Will Medina on November 20, 2017

You just received a save-the-date for some friends that are getting married far from home.  Now what?  Here are a few simple suggestions for being the perfect destination wedding guest.

DO carefully read the save-the-date, including any details listed on the wedding website.  You will find information about the location, date, whether you can invite a guest or bring children, the dress code, and more.  Do your best to comply with the couple’s wishes.



DO RSVP in a timely manner. Your response is usually considered official when you place a deposit to reserve your room, but follow any other requested RSVP method listed on the save-the-date.



DON’T wait to book your travel. Balancing hotel and flight space, plus organizing wedding events, is tricky for a group.  Make it easier on the couple by booking early, and as a bonus, you’ll be giving yourself more time to plan and pay for your trip.



DO stay at the resort where the wedding is taking place.  This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many guests try to save money by staying at a different location. This can create complications for the couple as they negotiate rooms and event details with the hotel, especially at an all-inclusive resort.  And do you really want to miss out on fun group activities like welcome cocktails, the rehearsal dinner, and afternoons around the swim-up bar?


DO work with the designated travel agent.  Brides and grooms spend a lot of time developing a relationship with the travel professional that will help coordinate the arrangements for the group. Couples also want their guests to have a great travel experience, and an agent can help make that happen.


DO purchase travel insurance. Life happens! Whether it’s flight problems, a family emergency, getting sick or injured, or even the wedding being cancelled, the right travel insurance plan can help cover costs and reduce stress in a challenging situation.



DON’T assume that you are paying for the wedding. What you pay covers your travel expenses—things like flights, hotel, transportation, and some meals. Wedding events and meals, ceremony and reception décor, and other costs are handled by the couple, not their guests.


DON’T complain about your cost to the couple. They already have enough stress as they plan their special day. Ask the wedding travel agent for suggestions on how to save costs, such as shortening your hotel stay, flying on off-peak days, or taking advantage of a payment plan. If you still can’t afford to attend, simply decline without going into detail.


DON’T be antisocial.  Once you arrive at the destination, and spend time getting to know the other guests. These are people that the couple cares about, and the experience of traveling together is a chance to form new connections and friendships.



DO monitor your alcohol. This applies at any wedding, but is especially true if your friends are getting married at a resort where alcohol is included. Even if drinks are unlimited it’s important to know and respect your personal limit.  The last thing you want is to put yourself in an embarrassing—or dangerous—situation.


And lastly … DO enjoy yourself! Relax at the pool, plan an adventurous activity, go out to explore the local area, or just stay in your pajamas and order room service. After all, you’re not just a wedding guest, you’re also on vacation!



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