Quick Tips to Help You Save on Your Destination Wedding

  1. Book with a travel agent. Using LoveShack Vacations just makes sense–we’ll find you the best value!
  2. Avoid travelling during the busy months. An off season wedding means more affordable rates and less crowded resorts. Your LoveShack Travel Specialist can tell you when is the best time to travel.
  3. Don’t have your wedding on a Saturday. While choosing another day of the week might be less convenient, it will help you save extra money to spend on things you really want.
  4. Skip the pricey dress. Instead of breaking the bank on your wedding dress, see if you can find another style dress (or even a bridesmaid’s dress!) in white or cream. Trust us, no one will even know the difference!
  5. Don’t go overboard on the menu. Do you really need five different meats, three salad options, vegetables, countless other sides and every dessert under the sun? Probably not. As long as your guests have enough to eat and drink, they will be happy.
  6. Ask what’s included in your wedding package. Some Destination Wedding packages come with a professional photographer, flowers, and music. Others don’t. The best way to know for sure is to check with your Romance Travel Specialist first before signing on the dotted line.

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Travel Tip:

Depending on the size of the group traveling to the wedding, as the wedding couple, you may be eligible for travel discounts or savings on your special trip.