Final Destination

By Melissa Rice on January 24, 2020

“In preparation for landing, please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is securely stowed.” When you hear this announcement from a flight attendant, you know you’re about to reach your destination. Here at LoveShack Vacations,...
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Beyond the Beach

By Melissa Rice on March 19, 2019

What comes to mind when you hear the word vacation? I’m guessing it involves a lounge chair, a tropical drink in your hand, and your toes in the sand. While I never argue with a relaxing tropical retreat, there are plenty of other exciting experiences out there. If you’re looking to break the mold for...
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What Should Honeymooners Know Before Calling a Travel Agent?

By Sydney Crago on February 27, 2019

  For many happy couples, planning a wedding can be time-consuming and stressful. You may be dreaming about the days when you will finally get to relax on your honeymoon but finding the time to plan the trip details is an added challenge. Travel agents alleviate the stress of honeymoon planning and help you make married memories to treasure forever. Here’s what should you know about working with a travel agent...
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LoveShack Vacations’ Couple Spotlight: Larissa & Jessica

By Michelle Bakula on February 22, 2019

The Romance Travel Specialists at LoveShack Vacations love planning honeymoons and destination weddings for happy couples. But the types of getaways we’re able to plan doesn’t stop there! As the case with our 2018 Honeymoon Giveaway Winners – Larissa and Jessica from Texas – vacations can be a great way to celebrate any occasion…or even...
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Destination Romance: Something Special for Your Sweetheart

By Melissa Rice on February 14, 2019

With a travel agency named LoveShack Vacations, it should come as no surprise that our agents love planning romantic vacations. While honeymoons, destination weddings, and anniversary trips clearly have an emphasis on romance, we believe you don’t need a specific occasion to celebrate your relationship. There are plenty of ways to add a romantic touch...
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7 Gift Ideas for Travelers

By Sydney Crago on December 4, 2018

Are you searching for the perfect present for a special traveler? We’re here to help! Check out 7 gift ideas that are sure to delight the road warriors, frequent flyers, and globetrotters in your life. 1. Travel Magazine Subscription For a gift that will last all year long, consider getting your favorite traveler a subscription to a travel magazine...
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