Beyond the Beach

By Melissa Rice on March 19, 2019

What comes to mind when you hear the word vacation? I’m guessing it involves a lounge chair, a tropical drink in your hand, and your toes in the sand. While I never argue with a relaxing tropical retreat, there are plenty of other exciting experiences out there. If you’re looking to break the mold for your next vacation, go beyond the beach with one of these adventure travel destinations.

Whether you choose to cruise along miles of unspoiled coastline or venture into the vast interior wilderness, Alaska’s majestic scenery never disappoints. Get your heart pumping with a glacier trek or kayak trip. Animal lovers can spot bears, moose, whales, and more.


What was once an off-the-beaten-path destination is now a genuine hotspot. Travelers are taking notice of Iceland’s rugged natural beauty. From geysers to waterfalls, volcanoes to glaciers, the “Land of Fire and Ice” offers some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet.


Costa Rica
Yes, technically Costa Rica can still be considered a beach destination—and rightly so, they’re gorgeous! But it also offers active adventures around volcanic hot springs, hanging bridges in the cloud forest, ziplining through the jungle, and abundant wildlife.

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