Your Passport: A World of Possibilities

By Melissa Rice on May 21, 2018


Pop Quiz: Which travel item is commonly referred to as your key to the world?  

If you answered a passport, you’re right! A valid passport opens the door to destinations, people, and experiences across the globe. Are you a soon-to-be passport applicant or a current passport holder? Our LoveShack Vacations travel advisors have a few tips.

Want to get a passport?

  • The official source of passport information is the US Department of State: You will find instructions, forms, and passport acceptance locations. If you have children, be sure the review the special requirements for minors. 
  • Although you must apply for your first passport in person, you can fill out the form online and then print a copy. Remember not to sign it, however, until the acceptance agent tells you to. 
  • Passport pictures are usually available at stores with photo processing labs, including drug stores and warehouse clubs. Some passport acceptance facilities will also take your photo, although usually at a higher price. You can take and print your own photos, but you must be very careful to follow the precise requirements.  
  • Check to see which forms of payment can be used at your acceptance facility, because you can’t pay with credit or debit cards. Your cost will include at least two charges—the passport itself and the execution fee—plus possible additions if you require expedited processing or delivery service. 


Already have a passport?

  • Review when your passport expires. Travel agents typically recommend renewing it about 6 months before that date. Schedule an alert in your phone or calendar to remind you. 
  • Keep your passport in a safe place. Excessive damage can invalidate your passport, so protect it from getting torn or being exposed to water. (Check out the passport wallet featured in a previous post.)
  • Scan the identification page and save a digital copy to a virtual cloud. Print a color copy to carry with you on tours or excursions while you’re traveling, so you can leave the original passport in a secured location.  


Are you ready to put your passport to work? Talk to a LoveShack Vacation Specialist about your next getaway!